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Over 50 years ago, Canplas started in the ABS and PVC fittings business. Today, as Canplas Plumbing, we lead in crafting leak-free, corrosion-free fittings with 95% virgin-grade resin and 5% recycled resin—all CSA-approved. 

Our commitment to excellence earns trust from industry professionals. From sewer fittings to DWV solutions, our products consistently surpass the highest standards. Innovations like our FR-Pro fittings offer a smoke and flame-rated, lightweight alternative for non-combustible construction. 

At Canplas Plumbing, we continually elevate expectations for better quality, competitive pricing, and enhanced stock availability.

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Discover Duraflo®—the go-to choice for top-notch roof ventilation trusted by contractors across North America for over 30 years! Crafted from premium virgin polypropylene resin, our products boast durability and ease of installation. Designed, manufactured, and tested in North America, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge roof ventilation solutions.

From tall vents to ridge vents and the robust WeatherPRO® series, our product line covers everything: roof flashings, ridge rolls, exhaust vents, siding accessories, soffits, and gable vents.

Duraflo® vents tackle residential ventilation challenges in new builds or during roof replacements. For roofers, our products ensure swift installation and extended roofing seasons. The WeatherPRO® line, cold impact resistant to -40 degrees Celsius, thrives in harsh North American climates. With high airflow and patented internal baffles deflecting rain and snow, it’s the choice for roofers who demand durable, low-maintenance ventilation.

Extend shingle life, shield attics from weather, and enhance curb appeal with Duraflo® wide product assortment. Access to demos, videos, training, and our online calculator for precise ventilation requirements based on your project’s square footage.

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Explore the reliability of Vaculine®, a seasoned central vacuum technology leader with extensive injection molding expertise. Known for its diverse range of fittings, valves, plates, and guards, Vaculine® is a trusted name in the industry, offering tailored solutions for central vacuum installations of varying complexities. 

Proudly crafted in Canada, Vaculine® products adhere to ASTM standards, utilizing high-grade resin for consistent quality and performance. Contractors appreciate Vaculine® for its ongoing innovation and commitment to top-tier quality in central vacuum systems. Opting for Vaculine® means choosing quality, rigorous testing, durability, competitive pricing, and stock availability. With a steadfast dedication to improvement, Vaculine® actively seeks feedback, ensuring that each product meets and exceeds customer expectations. Elevate your central vacuum experience with Vaculine®—where reliability seamlessly meets innovation.

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Introducing Endura®—your go-to solution for seamless grease and solids interception in the food service industry! Plumbing codes demand effective systems to prevent fats, oils, greases (FOG), and solids from entering municipal sewer systems. Our Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors (HGIs) stand tall as the trusted choice for commercial and institutional food service establishments.

With 20+ years of proven performance, our HGIs lead the market in grease separation. Tested to nationally recognized standards, they outshine traditional metal and concrete interceptors, providing a leak-free and corrosion-resistant solution.

What sets Endura® apart? We don’t stop at grease. Our innovative interceptor line now includes four different sizes of solids interceptors, a grease interceptor monitoring device, and accessories to accommodate any installation. Crafted with thermoplastic injection molding, they are lightweight, compact, and efficient eliminating the drawbacks of other interceptor types.

Installed downstream of sinks, drains, and other kitchen fixtures, our HGIs use flow control and specifically designed components to maximize efficiency and grease capacity in a compact footprint. Whether on the floor or in-floor, inside the building or outside, they offer unmatched versatility. Plus, our accessible flow control devices make maintenance a breeze.

Choose Endura® for a comprehensive solution—managing both grease and solids with innovation, performance, and peace of mind!

Canplas Message from the President

A small company with a big heart

At Canplas, we’re proud to be a small but energetic team with a big vision. In our 50+ year history, we’ve developed a solid reputation in the construction industry as an innovative manufacturer of high-quality products for the plumbing, grease interceptor, roof ventilation, and central vacuum markets. Over the decades we have developed expertise in injection moulding, by investing in technology and maintaining a state-of-the-art mould shop that enables us to quickly produce a high volume of products with absolute precision.

But what truly sets us apart is a focus on building genuine, long-lasting relationships with our customers, who have come to rely on us for delivering a standard of excellence unmatched in the industry. We’re more than just order takers. We’re who they call when they have a question, and we pride ourselves on being honest and direct while genuinely listening – and responding – to their needs.

Our mission is to make a positive impact by delivering superior products and services while caring for our employees, customers and community.

The team at Canplas is always looking to solve everyday challenges for our customers, adopting new and creative ways of thinking to find real solutions to real problems.

Canplas is a people centric organization, and that means we support, reward and invest in our employees. In fact, it’s what makes our retention rate one of the highest in the industry. We offer a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where our team members can continuously develop their professional skills while also being recognized for their hard work. This mutual respect empowers collaboration so we can accomplish more together.

We also believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work through corporate and employee donations, volunteering time and sponsoring local events. Whether it is picking up tools to help construct a local Habitat for Humanity build, raising awareness and support for critical healthcare initiatives or providing financial support for the delivery of much needed community services – Canplas is there.

Our long-term vision is to address the changing needs of our customers in the market segments we serve while continuing to offer unmatched craftsmanship, innovation and exceptional service. We’re also committed to investing in sustainable business practices through the adoption of innovative technologies within our organization.

Though our team may be small in size, it's big on tenacity and determination - and I look forward to what the future holds.

Rich Schlieker

Canplas Industries