Canplas Product Leadership Wall Filled with Plaques

About Us

Canplas has been a leader in the construction plastics industry since 1966.

Headquartered in Barrie, Ontario—with offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Langley, B.C. — Canplas started out as a manufacturer of ABS and PVC pipe fittings for the plumbing industry.

From the very beginning, we prioritized state-of-the-art equipment, stringent quality testing, and an unrelenting commitment to customer service. This proved to be a very successful combination for our business. As our engineers pioneered new plumbing products and injection molding techniques, we saw how our expertise could serve other construction markets.

Today, Canplas manufactures high-quality plumbing, ventilation, central vacuum and grease separation products for residential and commercial buildings all over the continent. We continue to improve and grow our product offering.

Innovation is central to our corporate DNA. In fact, Canplas holds over seventy patents and design registrations for products. From manufacturing processes to supply chain management, we are continually looking for areas in which we can innovate in order to better serve our customers.