Passive Ridge Vents with AirFoil Technology

Designed for shingles to fit inside, Duraflo’s AirFoil Technology in the ridge vents allow for high airflow while providing excellent defence against weather infiltration.


The next time you’re sitting beside the wing on an airplane, take a look out your window as you take off. You’ll notice condensation or rain being pulled up and over the surface by the air above it, almost like a vacuum. 

It’s this same concept that inspired Duraflo’s AirFoil Technology, a baffle system for our passive ridge vents. When the wind flows over the vent at the peak of your roof, it draws the air out of your attic, up and over the peak through the grills in the vent.

Some of our customers have shown concern that these openings are on top. Traditionally, this could cause rain to get into your attic, or snow to build up, blocking your vents. 

Thanks to our AirFoil Technology, rain can’t enter through the top. The patented design of the internal baffles of the ridge vents deflects water and snow, which allows it to drain out of the weeping holes on the sides of the vents.

cross-section showing warm airflow out of the Duraflo ridge vent as cool external air flows over the vent

The testing process for weatherproofing these ridge vents involved matching Miami Dade County standards, meaning that we tested these vents in winds of 35, 70, 90 and finally 110 miles per hour. We’re talking hurricane-level winds. At the same time, we measured how much rain was getting in through the vents, which was very little. 

However, we continue to make adjustments to ensure our vents keep the rain and snow out of your home. 

See the full product line-up of Duraflo’s WeatherPRO Ridge Vents here.

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