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Manufacturing and Supply Chain 

Our supply chain and manufacturing teams are essential to Canplas’ operations across North America. From loaders and technicians, to buyers and distribution centre operators, they work to bring innovative, integrated piping solutions into the hands of our customers worldwide. 

Sales, Customer Service and Marketing 

Our marketing team has a knack for understanding client needs in order to deliver the right products at the right time. This dynamic department includes sales, customer service and marketing professionals who are the key to helping foster growth at Canplas. 

IT, Engineering and Finance

At Canplas, our information technology, engineering and finance professionals are focused on delivering world-class services to empower our teams. This vital department pushes Canplas forward in a variety of ways: implementing exciting tech advancements, dreaming up best-in-class solutions, and carrying out critical budgeting and analysis functions.  

Research & Development

Identifying and creating new products to meet customers’ needs is a crucial element of our business. A career in R&D at Canplas means working at the forefront of product development and innovative breakthroughs. 

Human Resources

Providing leadership in shaping an equitable and inclusive culture that drives diversity, excellence and innovation, our HR team strives to support talent, encourage engagement and foster a positive employee work experience, all while focusing on Canplas’ strategic growth plan. This department brings accountability and reliability to every project, ensuring all Canplas teams have the training and support they need to excel in their roles. 


Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Our manufacturing and supply chain teams are the backbone of Canplas operations across North America. From the technicians, loaders and machinists who work to bring innovative, integrated piping solutions to our customers worldwide, to our manufacturing and supply chain teams that keep things running, working at Canplas is hands-on and always exciting. Discover what it’s like working at Canplas by continuing below. 

Manufacturing Team

The Canplas manufacturing team brings our innovative concepts into reality. With a focus on quality and safety down to the smallest details, the manufacturing roles in our state-of-the-art production facilities ensure the production process exceeds our manufacturing targets, production output, and cost control goals. By doing so, our blenders, material handlers, machinists, die shop technicians and more consistently deliver innovative, effective and sustainable solutions to our customers. 

Supply Chain Team

Responding quickly to customer needs across North America while maintaining inventory accuracy is how the Canplas supply chain team keeps things moving. The supply chain team prepares outbound freight for shipping and supports manufacturing operations though fostering strong supplier relationships. Ultimately, they ensure our customers receive innovative and sustainable solutions that meet their commercial and residential challenges. 

Sales, Customer Service and Marketing 

Canplas customer service and marketing professionals are passionate about understanding client needs and finding the ideal solutions for their unique situations. In delivering reliable products and timely information, our dynamic sales teams are integral to fostering Canplas’ growth and improving our position as a market leader by deepening our relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders. Discover what it’s like to work with an expert team of problem solvers and communicators. 

Sales Team 

Laser-focused on delivering solutions tailored to meet the requirements of each customer, the Canplas sales team are business builders by nature. They bring an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong, client-centric approach, and a passion for commercial excellence through value creation. With an eye to developing new and expanded market opportunities for Canplas’ suite of innovative piping products and solutions, our sales professionals have the fast track on the cutting-edge products and ideas clients need. 

Customer Service Team 

Canplas customer service professionals are experts in our products and processes and are passionate about finding the ideal solution for every customer. With clients at the heart of their role, our customer service team members also forge collaborative relationships with the entire Canplas team, liaising with colleagues in outside sales, production and scheduling, logistics and deployment, as well as those in our distribution centres across Canada and the U.S. — all to help customers achieve their goals. 

Marketing Team 

The marketing team at Canplas is key to driving growth and positioning us as the leading supplier of thermoplastic pipping systems. Marketing connects and engages with clients and prospective customers to deliver timely information about our industry-leading products and solutions, while ensuring that our reputation for service excellence and customer-first commitment to honesty, integrity and fairness are always top of mind. 

IT Engineering 
& Finance

Whether they’re working on exciting tech advancements, implementing best-in-class solutions, or carrying out critical budgeting and analysis functions, the information technology, engineering and finance departments at Canplas are vital to keeping our teams and clients connected, safe and at the forefront of our industry. Find out more about working with the Canplas IT, engineering and finance departments. 

IT Department 

The Canplas information technology team plays a critical role in our manufacturing enterprise success. Leading initiatives around innovation, digital transformation, development, data management, customer experience and technology modernization, our IT professionals are creative, collaborative and dedicated team members working to manage large, complex projects and create innovative solutions in a continuously changing digital environment.  

Engineering Team 

In areas like automation, applications, processes and quality assurance, the Canplas engineering team is responsible for the design, modification, and strategy of innovative products as well as their incorporation into corporate and project specifications. With extensive technical know-how, Canplas engineers provide technical support, implement new solutions and processes, and manage automation projects and strategies for a wide array of plastic transformation processes.

Finance Team

Responsible for the financial recording and analysis that drive the Canplas vision forward, our finance professionals bring top-notch accounting and problem-solving skills to the table. They also possess the leadership and communication skills needed to adapt to a changing environment while cooperating with internal and external stakeholders including accounting teams, purchasing, procurement, project engineers and management. 

Research & Development

Leveraging qualitative analysis, experimentation and teamwork, our Research and Development professionals spearhead innovation, elevating customer satisfaction with cutting-edge solutions. This team combines science and imaginative thinking to refine new product designs and solutions. Read on to learn how we drive innovation forward at Canplas.

Research and Development

Our business depends on products that drive ingenuity while meeting strict industry standards. The Research and Development team strives to enhance the client experience while maintaining Canplas’s position as an industry leader and trendsetter.

Human Resources

At Canplas, our Human Resources team prioritizes innovation, strategic expansion and a customer-centric ethos. We are dedicated to cultivating a workforce that shares our vision, fosters engagement and nurtures a positive work environment. By championing the growth of new talent, providing essential training and support for employees and spearheading initiatives for an inclusive and diverse culture, our HR professionals play a pivotal role in shaping the success of our organization. Discover how our Human Resources department empowers employees to thrive in their careers at Canplas.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department adopts a holistic approach to each employee’s career development, and is committed to exceeding expectations in three crucial areas:

  • Driving Excellence: We offer a foundation of comprehensive training so work can be executed safely, combined with mentorship opportunities to propel careers to new heights. Our HR team dedicates time and resources to supporting employees by helping them develop essential skills required to tackle customer challenges effectively.
  • Recruiting and Hiring: Our HR team spearheads the recruitment of individuals who can make our vision of creating innovative products to meet global industry demands a reality. Beyond simply finding and onboarding top-tier talent, we actively seek engaged leaders and problem-solvers with the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to collaborate on groundbreaking solutions– while prioritizing their career growth along the way.
  • Supporting Diversity: Through initiatives such as leadership training programs, recruitment and mentorship opportunities centred on diversity, our HR department is dedicated to promoting an inclusive workplace environment across all of our facilities.

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