WeatherPRO® Technology

WeatherPRO® Technology was designed with the harsh North American climates in mind, allowing high airflow while providing excellent defense against weather infiltration.


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Duraflo Full Line Catalogue

Canplas, manufacturer of Duraflo ventilation products, has over 50 years of plastics manufacturing experience.

This expertise allows Duraflo to continue as the innovation leader in roof ventilation. Throughout our history Duraflo has listened to you, the customer, to create solutions to meet your building needs. In developing and maintaining an open dialogue with both our internal and external partners, we have created a wide variety of unique products second to none in the marketplace.


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About Us

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Quick Facts

  • 59 injection molding machines
  • Over 200 employees
  • 3 warehouse locations across Canada
  • Over 60 patents
  • 50 years in business

About Us

Quick Facts

  • Duraflo’s first product was the Square Top 6050 roof vent, released in 1992
  • Duraflo offers 7 different roof venting product categories
  • We only use virgin polypropylene resin in the manufacture of our vents
  • All Duraflo products are designed, manufactured and tested in North America
  • Duraflo has an online calculator to determine the correct amount of ventilation for your home

Innovation Articles

Canplas PermOseal P-trap

The standard sink trap has been a plumbing staple for over a century, and the lack of improvements on the original design are both a benchmark, and a challenge, to engineers everywhere.

Easy Open Test Membrane

For years, plumbers dreaded the thought of breaking test plates after pressure testing. It was a nuisance, regardless of using a mechanical plug, plastic test plate, or test ball.

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Quick Facts

  • Over 3500 plumbing products
  • 50 years in business
  • 5 is the highest number of inlets on a single Canplas fitting
  • We offer 30 different closet flanges, for any and every type of installation
  • World’s most famous plumbers are Mario and Luigi from the video game Super Mario Brothers


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Quick Facts

  • The Endura brand has 15+ years field-proven performance
  • We hold 10+ patented & patent pending features
  • Our solutions are tested & approved to 3 national standards
  • Today we have over 125,000 units in service
  • Endura solutions are installed in over 10 countries on 5 continents

Contact Us

Canplas Industries Ltd.
500 Veterans Drive, Box 1800
Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 4V3

Tel: (705) 726-3361
Fax: (705) 726-2186
Toll Free: 1-800-461-1771
Customer Support: 1-800-461-5300
Customer Support Fax: 1-888-432-2201