Canplas Plumbing has been the premier manufacturer of leak-free, corrosion-free drain, waste and vent fittings for over 50 years, and we continue to look for new ways to develop our complete range of ABS and PVC plumbing products.

Our FR-Pro fittings are one example of our commitment to innovation. This product line is smoke and flame-rated for non-combustible construction, and was designed to serve as a lightweight alternative to heavy cast iron fittings in high-rise buildings.

Canplas Plumbing is committed to continuous improvement. We do this with the help of our team of engineers, and long-standing relationships with plumbers, homeowners, and inspectors. Over 50 years, we have actively sought feedback and incorporated suggestions to ensure our customers are happy. It’s why Canplas insists on offering consistent quality, competitive pricing, and widely available stock from a single source.

Whether it is DWV fittings, sewer fittings, or specialty plumbing products, Canplas Plumbing ensures product integrity and consistency to meet or exceed code. Using 95% virgin-grade resin and 5% recycled resin, we combine high quality results with sustainable manufacturing practices.