Discover Duraflo®—the go-to choice for top-notch roof ventilation trusted by contractors across North America for over 30 years! Crafted from premium virgin polypropylene resin, our products boast durability and ease of installation. Designed, manufactured, and tested in North America, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge roof ventilation solutions.

From tall vents to ridge vents and the robust WeatherPRO® series, our product line covers everything: roof flashings, ridge rolls, exhaust vents, siding accessories, soffits, and gable vents.

Duraflo® vents tackle residential ventilation challenges in new builds or during roof replacements. For roofers, our products ensure swift installation and extended roofing seasons. The WeatherPRO® line, cold impact resistant to -40 degrees Celsius, thrives in harsh North American climates. With high airflow and patented internal baffles deflecting rain and snow, it’s the choice for roofers who demand durable, low-maintenance ventilation.

Extend shingle life, shield attics from weather, and enhance curb appeal with Duraflo® wide product assortment. Access to demos, videos, training, and our online calculator for precise ventilation requirements based on your project’s square footage.