Introducing Endura®—your go-to solution for seamless grease and solids interception in the food service industry! Plumbing codes demand effective systems to prevent fats, oils, greases (FOG), and solids from entering municipal sewer systems. Our Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors (HGIs) stand tall as the trusted choice for commercial and institutional food service establishments.

With 20+ years of proven performance, our HGIs lead the market in grease separation. Tested to nationally recognized standards, they outshine traditional metal and concrete interceptors, providing a leak-free and corrosion-resistant solution.

What sets Endura® apart? We don’t stop at grease. Our innovative interceptor line now includes four different sizes of solids interceptors, a grease interceptor monitoring device, and accessories to accommodate any installation. Crafted with thermoplastic injection molding, they are lightweight, compact, and efficient eliminating the drawbacks of other interceptor types.

Installed downstream of sinks, drains, and other kitchen fixtures, our HGIs use flow control and specifically designed components to maximize efficiency and grease capacity in a compact footprint. Whether on the floor or in-floor, inside the building or outside, they offer unmatched versatility. Plus, our accessible flow control devices make maintenance a breeze.

Choose Endura® for a comprehensive solution—managing both grease and solids with innovation, performance, and peace of mind!