Endura® Dynamic Inlet Baffle Enhancements

Endura's dynamic inlet baffle for grease interceptor

There’s no arguing that working with grease is a dirty job, but as the saying goes, someone’s got to do it!

Whether the general public is aware or not, we’re better off thanks to those that get some grease on their hands. This is precisely why the Endura® inlet baffle was designed; to be as convenient as possible for all of its end-users. If a job is going to be dirty AND thankless, we’ll be damned if it’s unnecessarily complicated too.

We started with something simple, like making the inlet baffle itself a radiant white. Visibility in a black, when the tank is often underground, can be severely limited, and an inspector’s time is valuable.

Next comes the handle. With the tank open, the inlet baffle’s handle is the first thing you see. A gentle pull towards the surface provides instant and easy access for maintenance, inspection or cleaning. For deeper installations, a handle extension is also available to ensure the same simplicity, regardless of tank depth.

Endura Inlet Baffle gif

The Canplas® inlet baffle features a flow control plate that moves away from the connector when opened. This provides pumpers with the freedom to work with the pipe’s full diameter if any snaking is required. On top of that, the baffle also has its own air intake, which greatly improves overall interceptor effectiveness.

So whether you’re a pumper, inspector, or restaurant owner, we hope that these enhancements save you a little time each day. And if you’re a distributor, please note that if we put this much thought into one single aspect of our grease interceptors, we cannot wait to tell you about the rest.


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