Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vents

When it comes to attic space, moisture and heat are two of the most destructive forces you can come across.


Ensuring proper ventilation and removal of moisture and heat helps protect homeowners and landlords from costly, long-term damage- keeping your clients happy.

Whether you’re looking to remove moisture and heat from a bathroom or laundry room on the top floor, Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vents expel warm, moist air while protecting the space from weather infiltration.


Range Hood and Bathroom Fan Roof Exhaust Vents


Duraflo Gooseneck Exhaust Vent - weatherwood

From quick showers to relaxing baths, a huge amount of moisture is generated in the bathroom. Fans pull moisture away from the space, which helps to maintain the health of the attic space above, as well as the room itself.

The Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vent is designed for high-performance bathroom fans and standard range hood fans to ensure that moisture is removed from the space and vented outside. Although the Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vent is made for high-performance fans, the flapper is still compatible with low-performance bath fans.

Manufactured with a patented design, the Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vent allows for high airflow while providing excellent weather protection. The patented design of this roof exhaust vent adds additional protection by deflecting and directing precipitation away from the vent opening. This helps ensure a dry attic space for years to come.

Aside from weather protection, the Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vent has a moulded screen that prevents insects from entering the home, and stops birds from making the vent a desirable piece of real estate.


Roof Dryer Exhaust Vents

Duraflo Gooseneck Exhaust Vent - black

Adding a laundry room to the top floor? The Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Dryer Exhaust Vent is ideal for condominiums, townhouses, homes or apartment buildings with an upstairs laundry room. The moulded rain channels direct rain and moisture away from the attic, while the vent’s design allows for the expulsion of hot, damp air and lint.


The Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vent Lineup

Both Duraflo® Gooseneck Exhaust Vent products have 5” of additional height for snow clearance, which is perfect for snowy winters! Engineered to resist denting, peeling and the harsh Canadian climate, these lightweight vents can be installed almost any time of year, even in frigid temperatures.

Manufactured with a limited WeatherPRO® 35-year warranty, both Duraflo® Gooseneck vents are constructed to efficiently remove warm, moist air. The weather-resistant Gooseneck can attach to a 4”, 5” or 6” duct and additional collars are available which fit a 6”, 7” or 8” duct.

Offered in black, brown, grey and weatherwood, Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vents are designed to seamlessly blend into the roofscape while providing excellent weather protection. Check out the full Duraflo® Gooseneck Exhaust Vent colours and product line here.

Regardless of the weather, ensure proper airflow with the Duraflo® Gooseneck Roof Exhaust Vent Lineup.

Duraflo® WeatherPRO® Gooseneck Media Gallery

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