Making Grease Interceptor Installation Easy for Cookie It Up® Bakery

CHALLENGE:Install a 25 GPM grease interceptor in a limited space kitchen at Cookie It Up® Bakery.SOLUTION:

Lo-PRO Grease Interceptor

a grey bin like product called the endura lo-pro grease interceptor

Cookie It Up® is a classic story of entrepreneurship in the Great White North. In 1983, University student, Paige Sillcox, decided to create her own summer job baking cookies that were far superior to those commercially available. By the end of that very summer, Sillcox’s venture had grown to the point where she was able to move her operations from her mother’s kitchen to a baking facility in Aurora, Ontario.

Everyone Loves Homemade Cookies

Sillcox’s dedication to baking wholesome cookies free from preservatives has paid off over its 30+ years. The company has now outgrown its original facility. In the summer of 2016, Cookie It Up’s current owner, Shane Smith, began the process of setting up a brand new bakery in Aurora. The space is 6,000 square feet dedicated to carrying on the Paige Sillcox legacy. Smith said, “We had been in our previous location for almost 35 years. It started off as a couple of units in a building and then we added a third and a fourth. We wanted to move into a fresh new space with better climate control that helps with the baking process. “We also wanted to have a truck-level loading dock because our previous location was a street-level setup. That was very difficult for off-loading ingredients on pallets or shipping out cookies.

“It was very easy to install… very lightweight compared to any other interceptor that I’ve put in.”

Derek Scott, Installer with SWM Plumbing

Managing Grease

Every food service business needs to prevent grease from entering the sanitary system. Grease interceptors are designed to accumulate Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) from kitchens and food service facilities for proper disposal.Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors serve fixtures like sinks, dishwashers, floor sinks, and floor drains. They are installed downstream of the fixture(s) to treat kitchen wastewater from food service establishments (FSEs) using gravity separation aided by vented flow control. This separates the Fats, Grease, and Oils (FOG) from wastewater entering the sewage system. Grease Interceptor sizing is based on the gallons per minute (GPM) of the fixtures draining into the unit. For the bakery’s 2 bowl sink, they needed a 25 GPM unit.Cookie It Up had already completed its sink and floor installation before approaching suppliers for a grease interceptor. The kitchen’s epoxy-coated concrete floor had also been poured and was ready to go.Pauline Siu, representing Endura® recalls, “When we went for a site visit, we realized that they didn’t have a lot of space to place the unit. The only location was under the sink. We had planned on installing our standard 25 GPM unit, but there wasn’t enough clearance available. Clearance is required for proper maintenance of the unit in order to remove the internal components for cleaning. We needed to cut the floor to have a recessed or semi-recessed installation.” After pouring the concrete and getting the coating just right, the contractor was understandably reluctant to cut the floor.

The Ideal Solution

This challenge didn’t phase the contractor who was able to select another Endura product: the Endura® 25 Lo-PRO. While most low profile grease interceptors still need clearance for access to the internal components, Endura’s Lo-PRO design requires much less. Siu explained, “The low profile unit is significantly lower than most other 25 GPM Grease Interceptors. It’s 11 inches in height and it only needs 5 inches of overhead clearance to pull the inlet and outlet baffles out of the unit.“Rather than sliding the baffles up vertically to remove them, the Endura Lo-PRO’s unique design allows you to slide them up vertically about halfway then tilt it about 45 degrees to remove them. This allowed us to reduce the required overhead clearance to only 5 inches.” In a tight situation like Cookie It Up’s, the Endura Lo-PRO was the perfect fit.

Endura Lo Pro Grease Interceptor fitting under a sink
25 GPM Endura® Lo-Pro Interceptor is able to be installed under bakery’s sink with less allowance.

Working with Existing Piping

Another challenge was the location of the sink’s plumbing. “Even with the low profile grease interceptor, there may be piping that is too close to the top of the tank,” explained Siu. “The installer needs to ensure the placement of the tank would not interfere with the p-trap and any other obstructions under the sink.”

Since the sink and its piping was already installed, Siu worked with the plumber to find that “sweet spot” where the grease interceptor would fit without interference from the piping.

A One-man Job That Lasts

When dealing with metal grease interceptors, the installer typically needs two people just to lift the metal unit into place. Repositioning such a heavy unit can be a challenge as well. Endura’s engineered thermoplastic material turned this installation into a one-man job that was virtually “plug and play”. In fact, the one thing that stood out in this project was how smoothly everything went from selecting the unit to final installation. Derek Scott, the installer with SWM Plumbing, had this to say about it: “It was very easy to install… very lightweight compared to any other interceptor that I’ve put in.” The owners of Cookie It Up are now assured that for the next 30+ years in operation, their facility will have no worries about clearing grease blockages in their plumbing drainage system thanks to their Endura Lo-PRO Grease Interceptor. Scott said, “I would highly recommend the Endura Grease Interceptor to my customers.”Sewer authorities and building owners spend millions of dollars every year combating grease accumulation in plumbing systems. Grease accumulation causes sewer blockages and overflows. These overflows are a health risk to employees, customers and the general public. Injection molded in engineered thermoplastic, the Endura® Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor provides restaurant operators and food manufacturing facilities the best value and performance on the market today.

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