Metal vs Plastic, What is the Better Roof Vent?

The Barrie Baycats pummeled the competition, but the Duraflo® vents had the perfect game!

Watch the 2016 Intercounty Baseball League Champions take their best shot at the Duraflo® roof vent and put this easy-to-install product to the test.

Duraflo® products are more than plastic versions of the metal competitors. For both homeowners and roofers alike, Duraflo® roof vents are a home run. Our products are designed to extend the life of shingles and protect attics from weather infiltration, while looking aesthetically pleasing. These roof vents can also take a fastball without so much as a dent, showcasing the quality of this Duraflo® product.

When it comes to roof ventilation, Duraflo® plastic roof vents are a reliable choice.

“Metal vents — can be susceptible to bent flanges and denting from shipping and handling. Plastic vents are a lot lighter and much more durable.”

Donna Burtch, Duraflo® Product Manager at Canplas.

Unlike metal roof vents, Duraflo® products do not collect as much condensation with temperature changes. This also means that metal has the potential to corrode and rust over time.For roofers, Duraflo’s resilient polypropylene vents are quick to install in a variety of temperatures, extending the roofing season.

dent made in metal vent from baseball throw while plastic vent looks unharmed
The Barrie BayCats made some damage to the metal roof vent compared to Duraflo’s plastic vent

Our polypropylene roof vents are designed, tested, and manufactured in North America. Built for the extreme Canadian climate, Duraflo® roof vents can weather a variety of harsh conditions. Unlike polyethylene resins, Duraflo® vents can withstand frigid temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius without cracking. UV protective additives are also incorporated into our proprietary material formulation, ensuring our products will defy the elements- whether it be rain, hail, or baseballs.We have shown you how our product stands up to the competition, now we are ready for the big leagues: your attic! For more information on Duraflo’s roof venting product offerings, click here.

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