Specialty Fittings

While the basic fittings are required for any installation, Vaculine’s specialty fittings allow you to customize your installation to your home’s configuration, ensuring the functionality of your central vacuum system.



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PC Description
765519W PVC Vac 2 30Deg Ell White
785527 ABS Vac Black Spigot Adapter
762038 38 Degree Elbow
762032 30 Degree Elbow Spigot
765528W PVC Vac 2 Slip Coupling White
765503W PVC Vac 2X3 2X4 Short 90Deg El
765504W PVC Vac 2"90 Short Soc Ell Wht
765527W PVC Vac White Spigot Adapter
765509W PVC Vac 2 90Ellspgt Med.T.Whit
765507W PVC Vac 90 Deg Short El Spg
785508 ABS Vac 2 90Deg Medium Ell Black
765515W PVC Vac 3 Way Ell White
765508W PVC Vac 2 90Deg Medium Ell Wht
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