Duraflo has earned an industry-wide reputation for reliable and easy-to-install roof ventilation products, including tall vents, ridge vents, and the industry leading WeatherPRO series of roof vents. In addition to high-performance roof vents, Duraflo also offers a full product line that includes roof flashings, ridge rolls, exhaust vents, siding accessories, soffits, and gable vents.

Not simply plastic versions of metal competitors, Duraflo vents are designed to solve problems. This line of products is also for roofers who take pride in their work, who want their customers to be happy for years to come, and who don’t want to be called back after a snow, rain or hailstorm.

For the roofers’ benefit, our products are also built for faster installation and longer roofing seasons (the WeatherPRO, for example, can be installed in -40 degrees Celsius).

For homeowners, Duraflo ventilation products are designed to extend the life of shingles, protect attics from weather infiltration and to look aesthetically pleasing on the home’s exterior.

Duraflo provides easy-installation demonstrations, videos and even training, when needed. We are also happy to answer your service calls after purchase and keep you updated on our latest ventilation innovations.

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