What’s Below the Floor at Burrito Boyz?


The location of the grease interceptor also influences choice, especially when people’s health and the environment are concerned.



  • One Piece Tank for Better Seal and Tighter Enclosure
  • Lightweight for Easy Installation
  • Thermoplastic Material for Longer Product Life-Span

When choosing the correct grease interceptor (GI), engineers and contractors need to consider more than just calculated volume and flow rates. The location of the grease interceptor also influences choice, especially when people’s health and the environment are concerned.

At a new plaza near Hwy 10 and Steeles Avenue in Brampton, Ontario, a Burrito Boyz Mexican restaurant was scheduled to occupy one of the units. Each unit is prepared ahead of time as soon as the tenants are confirmed. The floors of the units are raised slabs of concrete set on top of a series of concrete air chambers designed to trap ground heat and prevent floor slabs from freezing in the winter. The air chambers are linked in a honeycomb effect.

Looking at the floor design, Dominik Carone of Top-All Plumbing & Heating saw a potential problem. The initial grease interceptor specs required a steel unit. Carone knew that if a metal grease interceptor was to rust and corrode after its lifespan (3-5 years) the GI could leak and contaminate the entire mall. The air chambers would be filled with a grease spill that would cause contamination and environmental damage, plus require expensive cleanup by the landlords.

” In the long run, the landlords benefit from a store that uses a plastic GI with less chance of leakage that prevents contamination to the footprint. ”

Dominik Carone, Top-All Plumbing & Heating

Because the plaza hadn’t poured the concrete for the restaurant unit yet, the specifications were changed, and a 50 GPM Endura® Grease Interceptor was installed.

Endura offers several benefits:

  • The tank is a one-piece with no seams to weaken the structure or collect corrosive material
  • The Endura GI is injection moulded in engineered thermoplastic, making it non-corrosive and able to endure the toughest environments
  • The Endura GI is lightweight and easy to install

Top-All Plumbing & Heating like the Endura units for:

  • Reliability
  • The cover pry points and latch recesses for no-tool access
  • The smooth sides which are easy to clean and decrease smell and bugs

To learn more about Endura Grease Interceptors, please visit www.canplas.com/endura

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