Non-Electric Valves

The most widely recognized valve type in a central vacuum system, non-electric inlet valves are designed to be used with a corded, or pig-tailed, hose. Vaculine’s non-electric inlet valves offer versatility, reliability and durability.



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PC Description
775590BLK VacuValve
775590W VacuValve
775590A VacuValve
775591W Side- Opening Valve
775591A Side- Opening Valve
792000W Full Door Valve
792000A Full Door Valve
791500WNL Round Door Valve with Smooth Finish
791700A Square Door Valve
791700W Square Door Valve
775592BLK European Style Square Plastic Valve
791500ANL Round Door Valve with Smooth Finish
775592W European Style Square Plastic Valve
775592A European Style Square Plastic Valve
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